When are testosterone boosts necessary?

Testosterone is important in the human body and more importantly for men. It is the predominant hormone in men and is produced in large quantities in young age and the production reduces every year especially after 18 years. The levels should reduce steadily but not drastically. The amount produced should be able to cater for the reduced body functions as one ages. There are some circumstances however, in which one may require boosts of testosterone. At such instances the hormone is required in plenty or the levels have dropped way below required limits. Here are some situations that may require a boost.


Muscle growth

It has been shown that higher levels of testosterone in the body lead to more muscle growth. When one needs to build big muscles in a short while they can use testosterone supplements. The supplements should best be coupled with exercise for proper body toning. It is evident that muscle growth takes place when the testosterone increases in the body to certain levels even without exercise but the muscles should be toned with regular exercises. For substantial muscle growth to occur the testosterone levels in the body must be way higher than the normal levels.

Sex change

Sex change has become a common thing nowadays. Some people change their gender from female to male. In this process they are taken through the hormonal therapy. The predominant hormone in a female is estrogen. This hormone is the one responsible for how a female looks like and behaves. To change the gender to male requires that this hormone is replaced with the predominant hormone in males, testosterone. This is a long process that is done over a period of time depending on the hormonal levels of the individual. The hormones change the brain function also making one more like a man even things like speech.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is that condition in men where one is not able to have or hold an erection long enough to sustain sex. This is an embarrassing condition which no man would want to have. There are very many causes of ED and some of those are related to low testosterone levels. When this is the case, then the cure to the ED lies in increasing the levels of testosterone in the body. Low levels of testosterone however, do not always lead to ED.

Brain Function

Testosterone has been shown to improve the mental functions of a person. It has been shown that high levels of testosterone in old aged people leads to better memory. It has also been linked with good thinking abilities in old people. Testosterone is also known to affect the concentration.

These are some of the situations that might mandate use of testosterone boosters.

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