Your Guide To Choosing A Wedding Photographer NI

A wedding picture is a cherished keepsake which is passed on for generations.  In fact, choosing a wedding photographer in Northern Ireland is one of the most important decisions a couple will make when planning their wedding.  As there are so many photographers out there, couples need to know what to look for in a wedding photographer. Mine was even able to tell me where to download the Canon 70d user manual.


Decide on What is Needed Before Looking for Photographers in NI

Couples can save themselves a lot of hassle if they discuss these issues before they start talking to potential photographers.

–  What style of wedding photography is preferred?  Are couples looking for posed images, candid shots or fashion/glamor style images?

–  What level of service is required.  Some couples will only want the ceremony photographed.  Others will want a complete package which includes the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal portraits and newlywed photos.

–  Does the bride want a “trash the dress” photo session?  If so, she’ll need to hire a photographer who can do good “high fashion” style photos.

–  How many images does the couple need?  Some photographers offer under 100 while others give clients thousands of images.

–  Decide whether the couple can process the images themselves.  If they do not have the time, motivation or knowledge to do this, they may want to ask their photographer to print out images for them.

–  Determine a budget.  Experts often say photographer fees should be approximately 12% of the total wedding budget.  Knowing how much the budget is allows couples to discard options they cannot afford.

–  How will the images be used?  Does the couple want to put them in a personal album for themselves? Or do they want prints, canvas prints, stationary, calenders, mugs, t-shirts and/or magnets?

–  How will the photos be delivered?  Generally speaking most photographers hand over images on discs unless the client requests another option.

How to Choose a Good Photographer in Northern Ireland

Once couples have decided on the above points, they can start contacting wedding photographers in their area.  Most photographers will ask potential clients to come in for a consultation. In the Northern Ireland area I recommend David Coote. His wedding photos are amazing and his prices are competitive.

During the consultation, the photographer will ask the couple what they are looking for in their wedding photos.  If they believe they can do a good job, they will start talking about dates and prices.

Couples should not commit to anything until they have seen the photographer’s portfolio.  Seeing his or her previous work will give couples an indication of what their photos will look like.

While the vast majority of photographers are trustworthy, there are a few that have sketchy business practices.  For example, there have been photographers who raise the price after the wedding has taken place.  In this situation, the couple is forced to pay the higher price or they will not have any wedding photos.

These types of people can be avoided by reading reviews about the photographer in question.  If he or she has mainly positive reviews, it is likely that they are both good at their job and professional.

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